Our Mission

Provide community television training and support to residents of the Town of Sharon.

Since 1985, SCTV has covered a wide range of community events, school plays and concerts, sporting events and government meetings, giving residents access to a wide spectrum of life in Sharon. Community television in Sharon has evolved into a major source of information for residents.

Public Access Television

In each community they serve, cable television carriers are required to set aside channels for locally originated programming. This is known as Public Access Television, or more specifically PEG (Public, Educational and Government Access). The management of these channels is funded entirely by the cable television subscribers. Every month, a small portion of the cable bill is allocated for this use. The cable company has no other affiliation with the use or management of the funding and channels. Sharon TV has a Board of Directors, a Station Manager and several staff members dedicated to the mission of providing and enabling locally originated programming for the community of Sharon, MA.
The responsibility for creating and broadcasting the locally originated programming is that of Sharon TV and the members of the community. Any member of the community can produce programs for broadcast on one of the channels. Several programs are produced with regularity, such as Sportsnuts and Wise Friends, as well as many local town government meetings which are broadcast live or on delay. Any member of the community can volunteer to help with productions or to produce their own programs.

Where can you find our programs?

Our programs can be viewed on television and the Internet. You can also request a DVD of a program for your own use.

On Television

All of our programming can be found on cable television for subscribers of Comcast Xfinity television services in Sharon, MA. We broadcast on three different channels.

  • Channel 8: Items of public interest can be found on channel 8. This includes a perpetual community message board that runs whenever programming is not happening. Programs found on Channel 8 include community events and concerts, local education-related and school events and concerts, as well as basic programs of public interest.
  • Channel 6: A big part of the Sharon Community is our youth and high school sports. All of our sporting events can be found on Channel 6.
  • Channel 22: We broadcast most of the town government meetings. Many of them are broadcast live. Find live and re-run broadcasts of government meetings on Channel 22, as well as a rotating message board with town government announcements.

We’re Not Sharon Cable.
We are Sharon Community Television, or Sharon TV for short. There is no such thing as Sharon Cable. We are not affiliated with the cable company. We are informative, entertaining and a vital link in the communication network of our town.

We are Sharon TV.