Lake Massapoag Update

Here is an update from the town on Lake Massapoag.…

Senior Class Programs

The Class of 2021 events of Evening of Recognition, Class Night and Graduation are all airing on channel 8 and are available to watch online.  All programs are available to purchase on a DVD or as an HD digital file on a flash drive.  Call (781) 784-8888 or email…

Sharon High School Graduation

Sharon High School Graduation is on Sunday, June 6th.  It will be LIVE on channel 22 and streamed online.  Replays of the graduation will air on channel 8 and will be available to watch online.  DVDs and HD, digital files will be available to purchase.  Email or call (781) 784-8888 for more information.…

Evening of Recognition

Sharon TV will be airing Evening of Recognition on Wednesday, June 2nd on Channel 22 at 5pm.
It will also be available for streaming at 5pm by clicking here.
It will then replay on Channel 8 at 7pm and will be available to watch on demand.

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