Update on Maskwonicut Street Bridge project

The following was provided by the Town of Sharon:

The original completion date for the Maskwonicut Street Bridge project was August of 2024.

Based upon the most recent information, the contractor is projecting that the earliest the bridge will be open to traffic is now June of 2026.

The site contractor began tree clearing in December of 2021 but cannot complete the work until the utility companies move their wires and utility poles. The pole relocations require permits from both Amtrak and the MBTA to allow work near the tracks. The utilities have been working on obtaining these permits.

The contractor was also required to obtain materials for Amtrak to temporarily move their wires off the existing bridge abutments, which the contractor has done. During a recent meeting to discuss the work, Amtrak notified the contractor and MassDOT that due to staffing issues, they will not be able to do this work until later than originally discussed.

Amtrak has proposed an alternative method to move the wires off the bridge, which is being reviewed by MassDOT.

As a result, except for some ancillary work away from the tracks, the project has been on hold for nearly two years.

Questions about the project can be sent to Town Engineer Peter O’Cain at pocain@townofsharon.org.