Letters of Support for Sharon TV

Sharon TV is writing to ask for your help. 
The Town of Sharon is in the process of renewing its cable license with Comcast.  Whether and to what extent Sharon TV will be funded by Comcast in the future will be part of the negotiations. 
With continued funding, Sharon TV will be able  to continue providing government, sports and community programming to the community in the years ahead.   Without it, we will be forced to significantly reduce or eliminate our coverage of local affairs. 
You can help us by sending a letter supporting Sharon TV and requesting that its funding be continued. You can send the letter by email to the address below. Please consider listing any types of programming you watch and indicate your plans to watch in the future.  
Please send all letters of support to  sctv@sharontv.com.
 Thank you

Household Hazardous Waste Day

The Household Hazardous Waste Day is Wednesday, October 13 from 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM.  Click here for more information.

Flu Clinic

The town of Sharon is offering flu clinics.  Click here for more information.

Sharon Day

Click here for everything you need to know about Sharon Day on Sunday!

Fall Sports Coverage

The high school fall sports season is underway.  All games that we cover can be watched on channel 12 and online.  You can check the channel 12 schedule here.

Follow us on Twitter @SharonTV8 to know which games we will be covering and for any updates to the schedule.

Message from the Board of Library Trustees

The judge has decided on the Trustee’s motion for summary judgment. The ZBA decision denying approval of the new public library project has been annulled. The judge has ordered the ZBA to hold another hearing on the Library Trustees’ request for a special permit and variance for the 1 School Street plan within 60 days. The ZBA must “balance the usefulness of the project as a Dover Amendment-protected educational use against any compelling municipal interests that are served by the Sharon zoning bylaw” according to the Order of Remand.

You can find the summary judgment decision and order remand from the court on the  Sharon Public Library Foundation website.  Please contact the trustees at shplboard@gmail.com for questions.

Sharon Day 2021

Sharon Day is coming on Sunday, October 3rd!  Read here for more information.

Mask Requirements in Town

Click here to read a message from the Board of Health about the mask requirements in town that are effective Monday, August 23rd.

Lake Massapoag Update

Here is an update from the town on Lake Massapoag.

Sharon Covid Cases Update as of June 12, 2021